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LEVEL 1: Technician Online Training

EARNS: ROTOR MATCHING TECHNICIAN (basic) certification. Upon completion you will be able to download an official certificate. Online class is required to complete Part 2.

LEVEL 2: Technician Onsite Training

EARNS: PRO-CUT CERTIFIED TECH (advanced) certification. Upon completion you will receive an official certificate. Offered at official training centers or at your shop.

Service Advisor Online Training

EARNS: Certified Rotor Matching Service Advisor. Upon completion you will be able to download an official certificate. Online class is required to become a certified BrakeSaver Service Advisor.

Educators Portal

Pro-Cut offers educators all the necessary resources to make their jobs easier.

Become an Official TrainSMART Training Center

TrainSMART is Pro-Cut's nationwide training and certification program in Rotor Matching. All your questions are answered here.


What is TrainSmart for Techs?

TrainSMART is Pro-Cut's nationwide training and certification program in rotor matching. The two-part program begins with an online class where techs complete a ten section web based program with companion videos, take a 15 question quiz, and upon passing the quiz, print a personalized certificate. This takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.

The second part of the program is a hands-on training class offered either at one of our official training centers, or on site at your shop given by your local Pro-Cut Expert. Every new lathe sold by Pro-Cut includes this on site training at no additional cost and to get the most of the hands on training taking the online class is a prerequisite. Please bring your printed certificate to the hands on training and the instructor will sign it to certify that you are now a full Pro-Cut Certified Technician!

"Just a quick note to let you know how valuable we find the online training and exam. We utilize it as part of our program along with our demonstrations of our Pro-Cut brake lathe with our students and hope that you will continue to offer it. I find that the diploma and Pro-Cut magnets are a huge motivator for our students. Great product and great support!"
Robert A Babikian, Senior Automotive instructor, Nashua North High School

What is TrainSmart for Service Advisors?

Having the technicians properly trained on how to use the Pro-Cut Rotor Matching System is essential, but having Service Advisors that can explain the value of the service to customer is also critical to the success and profitability of the program. For Service Advisors there is a 10 section learning module to help them understand how the service works, and how to share the value with the customer, followed by a 15 question quiz.

Offering the Rotor Matching service will increase both customer satisfaction and brake service profits, so make sure to have all your service advisors take this training as soon as possible after the lathe purchase or you hire new personnel.

What Will TrainSMART Do For Me/My Shop?

    For Shop Owners, Managers, and Foremen:

    TrainSMART certification will give your techs the expertise needed to use the Pro-Cut lathe efficiently, competently, and profitably. It will also provide them a basic understanding of troubleshooting and service that will minimize downtime and service costs. Finally, as a shop with TrainSMART certified techs and service advisors, your business will receive recognition on the Pro-Cut website as a certified rotor matching shop, offering proof to customers that your shop offers the highest quality brake service.

    For Technicians:

    The Pro-Cut on-car lathe and the rotor matching process are already required by virtually every OEM in the USA. As a technician, your future will be positively affected by your ability to use this innovative piece of shop equipment. Given the speed of the Pro-Cut process and the current time allotments for brake service, a tech who knows how to use the Pro-Cut lathe can count on earning at least 1.8 hours of pay for 1.0 hour of work. TrainSMART certification will stay with you for your entire career, providing better job security and bigger paychecks.

NC3 Master Level Training

For those that want to become an absolute expert on Rotor Matching using the Pro-Cut method, a new Master Level Program was created in conjunction with NC3 (The National Coalition of Certification Centers) and Snap-on. This will only be held at select NC3 certified technical colleges throughout the USA. Upon successful completion, students and/or technicians will be certified as Master Rotor Matching Technician and develop a highly valuable skillset by being able to diagnose and repair one of the most common and misunderstood customer issues facing the automotive repair industry.

    Course Content Includes:
  • Debunking the myths surrounding the cause of modern brake performance issues.
  • Developing an understanding of the critical need to match brake rotors to the hub to meet the required specifications on today's advanced automobiles.
  • Rotor Repair Essentials.
  • Hands-on labs for the precise measurement of brake rotor Lateral Run Out.
  • Rotor matching instruction with hands-on labs to safely, efficiently, and fully utilize the industry leading Pro-Cut on-car brake lathe to achieve the high precision specifications required by automotive manufacturers.
  • Brake Lathe Maintenance and Calibration for ongoing successful performance of the Pro-Cut Brake Lathe System.
  • Important Optional Features of the Pro-cut Brake Lathe Systems.


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