Welcome to the Pro-Cut online training module. Here you will learn not only how to use a Pro-Cut, but WHY!

Over time and after thousands of miles, pads and rotors wear out. Replacing the pads and rotors can be a relatively simple and inexpensive task. However, servicing rotors properly requires skilled hands, precision equipment and practice. This Pro-Cut TrainSmart course will explain the skills required to eliminate lateral run-out, and produce superb rotor surfaces using the Pro-Cut Rotor Matching System.

Since 1997, Pro-Cut has been named the required, essential or approved brake lathe for dealership service departments by almost every domestic, European and Asian vehicle manufacturer. More recently, Pro-Cut has been named an essential tool for many national service chains as well. That's your assurance of the quality results you can anticipate now that this machine is in your shop.

Please follow along as we take you through the proper and safe use of the latest machines from Pro-Cut!