Lesson #2: What will I accomplish using this machine?

PFM900, 9.0, 9.2, X9, A10, and X9D users

The Pro-Cut series of on-car lathes with computer compensation can help you do 2 things with no extra tools when used correctly:

  1. Reduce LRO to below that vehicle's specification (all machines are designed to deliver less than .001")
  2. Reduce surface finish Ra to less than 60 (all machines are capable of this when in proper working order, using Pro-Cut cutting tips and chip silencer/deflectors)

How does it work?

All self-compensating lathes from Pro-Cut operate in a similar way. Once you initiate compensation with the "Start" button:

  1. A rate sensor that measures lateral motion, sends a signal to the computer
  2. The hall-effect sensor located next to the flange detects a magnet on the back side of the flange and tells the computer where each of the 4 star wheels are located
  3. The computer tells the solenoid when to fire and the striker hits the star wheels changing the orientation of one of two tapered bearing races
  4. During the clicking, the computer continues to receive signals from the rate sensor (see step 1), and knows when the compensation is getting closer to the correct amount of LRO (<.001")
  5. When the compensation process is almost complete the clicks will slow down, and will only stop when the rate sensor tells the computer that compensation is complete. Green lights will illuminate next to the words "ready to cut". This is your indicator that it is OK to move forward.

Controlling Surface finish requires the user to be certain of the following:

  1. Cutting tip edge is sharp and the correct cutting tip is being used. 50-742 for standard use and heavier rust. 50-778 for reduced chatter and finer finish. 50-743 for high end rotors or where a mirror finish is necessary. Do not use aftermarket tips.
  2. All locks and levers on the cutting head are tight
  3. The drawbar is hand tight, firmly.
  4. The correct chip deflector/silencer is used for the cutting head and work piece. (50-703 for small vented rotors, 50-744 for large vented rotors, and 50-754 for solid rear rotors). Aftermarket silencers are not designed for Pro-Cut cutting heads and will give an inferior surface finish.

Chatter is a condition that occurs due to looseness or bent tooling. Therefore if you don't take care to cinch everything down your results may be compromised. Be certain that you clean the machine after each use, and lube the gib ways weekly with 50-376 gib oil provided with the machine.


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