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PCBN Cutting Tips
Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride is the second hardest material in the world and gives a superior mirror like rotor finish! Includes one pair of tips with screws.
Dual Wheel Truck Kit
1200 series cutting head compatible. For domestic 1 ton dual wheel pick-up chassis trucks 2002 and newer. Includes 50-583, 50-935, 50-1492, 50-005, 50-007, 50-009.
Lathe Accessory Kit
Operational accessory kit for any Pro-Cut lathe. Includes: 1 box of 50-742 cutting tips, 50-703, 50-744, and 50-754 silencers, 50-179 lug nut kit, large and small spacer rings, standard nose cone extension, Brake Spec guide, caliper S hooks, and a lathe cover.
Ford E&F 350/450/550 Reach Ext. Kit
Allows lathe to reach rear rotors of Ford E&F series 350/450/550. For lathes with Speed-Lock (50-220) cutting head only. Includes: 50-492 reach plate and 50-005, 50-007, and 50-009 stud extensions.
Lathe Cover
Protects your investment against shop dust, debris, and moisture.
Ford E&F 350/450/550 Reach Ext. Kit
Allows lathe to reach rear rotors of Ford E&F series 350/450/550. For lathes with Spped-Lock cutting head (50-220) or G2X style cutting heads (1200 series cutting head). Includes: 50-1492 reach plate and 50-005, 50-007, and 50-009 stud extensions.
Studs for Fiat / Dodge / Jeep
Studs for lathe model Fiat 500, Dodge Dart and 200 models. Requires M12 X 1.25 lug nuts from 50-179 kit.
Cutting Tips
Premium quality carbide cutting tip offers custom geometry, chip breaker, and positive relief. Engineered to allow cut depths of up to 0.020" per side. Includes 5 pairs of tips with screws.
Flat Rate Speed Nut Kit w/Holster
Speed nut kit allows the use of a 12V or less impact gun to install adapters. Drastically reduces adapter installation time! Comes with holster that attaches to 50-2192, 50-2193, or 50-2195 trolleys.
GM Hexagonal Stud Extensions
For rear of some 3500 HD GM trucks: 5/8"x18 - 5 per set.
S-Hooks (2)
With these sturdy hook there's no need for mechanics wire or bungee cords to hang brake calipers.
Dodge ProMaster Stand Offs
Stand offs for late model Dodge full size ProMaster. Requires 50-693 adapter and M14 lug nuts from the 50-179 kit.
Nut and Bolt Kit
Includes 5 nuts each of 1/2"x20, 12mm x 1.25, 12mm x 1.5, 9/16x18, 14mm x 1.5, and 30-687 studs.
Mitsubishi Box Truck Rr. Stud Ext. Kit
Includes 3 x 50-185L left-hand thread extensions in blue, 3 x 50-185R right-hand thread extensions in red, and 3 x 35-185 adapter pilot bolts. Use with 50-939 adapter.
Tool Box
All the tools to use any Pro-Cut model. Includes 6mm T-handle, 2.0mm allen for gib adjustment, tip screws, 5mm allen for adjusting tool arms, chip brush, indexing crayon, 6mm / 8mm wrench.
Ford Transit Adapter Kit
Fits full size Ford Transit single and dual wheel models. Includes: 50-696 adapter, 50-934 adapter, and 50-962 spacers.
Hub Cleaning Tool
For cleaning hub face and inside and out of rotor. Cleaning improves accuracy and should be done every time.
Medium-Duty Dual-Wheel Truck Kit
Has 8 on 275mm pattern and 10 on 11.25" pattern. Fits most medium duty trucks and buses. Complete kit for front and rear with adapters, feed screws, spacers and nuts.
Slide Oil
Keep your lathe's gib ways running smoother for longer with this special slide oil. Works great for all Pro-Cut lathes!