Troubleshooting Guide to Compensation Issues
GYR Troubleshooting and Calibration Guide
Assuring Smooth Surface Finishes


SB76 50-1299 Assembly and Adjustment r3
SB69 50-1280 Assembly and Adjustment
SB55 50-1250 Cutting Head Adjustment
SB57 Helpful Service Hints
SB54 50-TRANSIT Ford Transit Adapter Kit
SB47 50-174 Speed Nut & Holster Kit
SB45 50-1011 Dodge ProMaster Stand Off Kit
SB41 50-999 Adapter for Medium & Heavy-Duty Truck
SB40 50-017 Bronze Lead Nut Adjustment
SB39 Machining Rotors on Dodge Darts & Fiat-500's
SB38 50-1200 Gib Screw Adjusment
SB37 Warning: Only Use Pro-Cut Tips!
SB36 New Product release: Honda Adapters
SB35 New Products Lock down knobs
SB34 New-Product 50-744 Super thick Silencer
SB33 Product Update 50-1403 Flange Face
SB32 New Product 50-1492 Kit
SB31 New Product 50-946 Cadillac & Sprinter Adapter
SB30 50-944-A10 / 50-944-92 8 & 10 Lug Medium Duty Truck adapter and guard
SB29 50-935R9 Usage instructions
SB28 Match machine rotors on the Ford F650 and F750 with 10 on 11.25" bolt pattern
SB27 Match machine rotors on the Ford F650 Pro-Loader with 8 on 275mm bolt pattern
SB26 Workhorse chassis motor homes and commercial vehicles with 8 on 275mm bolt patterns
SB25 50-683 3/4 & 1 Ton SRW Truck Adapter
SB24 50-694 Light Truck & SUV Adapter
SB23 50-360 Low-Boy Trolley
SB22 50-100 Solenoid Coil Alignment Procedure
SB21 50-100 Solenoid Repair Kit & Procedure
SB20 Standard Disc-Lock Trolley
SB19 Tool Box Assembly
SB18 Switch-Wiring Guide for the PFM900
SB17 Adjustable Disc-Lock Trolley Bulletin
SB16 50-140, 50-142 Gearbox Assembly
SB15 50-497 Reach Extension Plate
SB14 Gib Adjustment Procedure
SB13 Redesigned PFM 9.2 BELT COVER
SB12 Wiring for ETA Switch for .75 Brook Crompton Motor
SB11 Wiring for ETA Switch for .95 Brook Crompton Motor
SB10 Wiring for ETA Switch for 1.0 Leeson Motor
SB9  Cutting Drilled and Slotted Rotors
SB8  Service Update for GM Trucks from 1500-3500
SB7 Solenoid Service
SB6  Service Update for 2004+ Dodge Caravan Rear Rotors
SB5  Service Update for 2004 F150
SB4  50-008 Ford E&F-450, 500 Arm Extension Kit Installation Instructions (Discontinued part)
SB3  Recommended Parts for Servicing Pro-Cut Flange
SB2  Recommended Tool List for Servicing Pro-Cut
SB1  2002 Dodge 1/2 -Ton Truck Update